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What is Reiki Energy Healing and Reiki Health Benefits?

You may have heard about Reiki Energy Healing but never tried it and wondering how you could benefit from Reiki, then continue reading as I am about to share some amazing information with you. Are you ready?

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called spiritual energy healing. This ancient Japanese method that was discovered and first used by Mikao Usui back in 1920s; it is a healing method that uses energy to balance the body, mind and soul, to create full alignment within.

Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which the highest vibrational love and healing "universal energy" is transferred to the patient in order to encourage emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing. Then the reiki practitioner acts as a channel of the universal healing energy. Reiki clears, balances and aligns the 7 main chakras in your spiritual body that are responsible for complete harmony for the body, soul and mind.

In the recent years, it has also become very popular in the Western countries due to its many health benefits and since humanity is also going through massive transformation collectively.

I have been a reiki practitioner since 2019 and it has changed my life completely. Becoming a reiki healer comes with a lot of sacrifice and huge dedication since it cannot be treated like an ordinary job. Becoming a powerful reiki healer requires a lot of self preparation and self healing before we can put ourselves out there to serve humanity and help others with their healing.

Since Reiki is a spiritual energy healing therapy, it can be received in person or in a distance regardless your location. Sometimes, people doubt if Reiki works from a distance?

Let me explain you something about Reiki. This is spiritual healing which means I do not work on your physical body, but I connect with your energies and give you spiritual deep cleanse, which then will result in balance of your emotional, mental and physical body too.

I can do this from 5 miles or 5000 miles away and it works the same way, the same positive result is guaranteed. I hope it starts making sense to you now?

Reiki Health Benefits are mental clarity, calm mind, better sleep, emotional balance, stronger immune system, awakened intuition, physical strength and many more.

When should you use Reiki?

Reiki is often recommended to those who suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, physical pain, blood pressure, mental and emotional stress. It can also help with e.g. womb healing, any kind of trauma healing from present or past life.

I have also worked with clients who have been struggling to let go of a toxic partner or an unhealthy relationship, it is often because they are still holding a negative energetic connection to that person. If you find yourself in such a situation, I can help you with letting go by cutting negative cords, disconnecting you from those certain people that you feel are holding you back from your abundance or making you feel stagnant in your life. These relationships are not healthy and need healing the connection energetically and letting go. To then make space for new positive energy and relationships to enter your life.

Reiki helps with physical pain and reducing side effects of chemotherapy, my cancer patients have gone through a huge transformation by taking up regular reiki sessions with me over the months. Feel free to read client testimonials on my website and on Google too.

What I have noticed with every single client that they instantly become deeply relaxed during the session. Any pain or stress disappears almost in seconds.

Reiki gives you a deep sense of calmness, peace and relaxation as blockages are being cleared on soul level.

I often receive message for the client from their higher self during the session, which I share with them thereafter. It can be a powerful message often that may be indicate a sort of resolution or solution for their current challenges they might be facing at the moment.

Reiki also gives you the best sleep ever and you often have vivid dreams the same night as your subconscious mind becomes more open, so you are able to tap into higher dimensions during your sleep without even trying hard.

I recommend Reiki Therapy on a weekly basis, at least 5 - 10 sessions depending on the issue that needs healing or resolving.

If you are someone who is walking on their spiritual path and wants to awaken your intuition and become more aligned with your true path, Reiki Energy Healing can be very powerful and it triggers you into your further awakening on your ascension journey.

Reiki helps with strengthening your immune system and keep you energetically protected from all negative vibrations that you may interact with in your every day life.

Book your reiki energy healing session in person or remotely online and see how the magic works even from a thousand miles away.

Whilst I am based in London, Chadwell Heath Dagenham UK; I have had clients for distant reiki energy healing as far as California and Dubai; the results were just amazing!!

My Reiki sessions include chakra balancing, crystal healing and sage aura cleansing. I also set very powerful intensions using candles and salt water which helps further cleanse.

Feel free to watch my short video on my Youtube channel; discussing Reiki and its Health Benefits. I also explain the procedure of Reiki Distance Healing with me. Feel free to Like, Share my video or Subscribe to my channel if you resonate with my vibes. Enjoy!

I am looking forward to connecting with you in Divine Timing and help you on your spiritual evolutional healing journey.

Love and Blessings, Soul Paradise x

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