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soul paradise charity


 Thank you for stopping by and taking a precious moment to read this page.

 In the West, we tend to take even the finest things for granted and we cannot even imagine how blessed we are with all luxury, driving super cars and living in beautiful homes, eating out at expensive restaurants, whilst others are praying for basic necessities, food and water.


Narswif, my friend who is based in Uganda, Africa has set up a home with the purpose of taking care of orphans and other young children who have been abandoned by their parents and in need of a loving home.

He supports the children with my and others' help, providing food daily and education to about 45 children. 

I will be setting up my own charity in near future to be ablet to provide more support worldwide to those in need, although for the time being, I am collecting donation worldwide through the (below) link.


Feel free to message me for further pictures and videos if you would like to see how these abandoned children are living. Unfortunately they do not get any support from the government. Therefore, they rely on kind hearted people like you, who can contribute to facilitate their basic needs.

I have raised money for water tank (£250) where they can store rain water for the dry season, their yearly rent (£450). Each school term costs £15 per child. 


All donations I receive fully goes to the children. This is a non-profit organisation. Any little amount is greatly appreciated. As they say "Every little helps". So let us help the poor together.


Follow us on Instagram to see where the donation being spent @soulparadise222.

Sending you Love and Blessings. Thank you, Soul Paradise x

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