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Reiki Healing Therapist Dagenham

Holistic Healing Testimonials

Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Healing/Counselling for Childhood and Past Life Trauma, Career progression


Martin, Brighton (remote)

Spiritual Counselling and Hypnotherapy for Childhood Trauma, Past Life Trauma, Self Esteem and Manifestation

Bernadette is an extremely powerful and skillfull hypnotherapist and counsellor. I have had many sessions with her and she has helped me heal and release so much. She is expert at getting to the heart of the matter and she seems to weave such healing magic in the hypnotherapy part of the sessions. I feel comfortable and held in her presence. She listens with non judgement and compassion which helps me to open up and release more. During our sessions we have gone very deep and release trauma from my childhood that I was still holding onto. She has also helped me tune into my singing voice for my music performances and this has helped me immensely. I am so grateful for Bernadette and I will always return to her if I have something to be healed, released or quality to grow within me. Thank you so much Bernadette. You are a blessing in my life.

Hypnotherapy for Quit smoking


Sue, Yorkshire (remote)

Hypnotherapy for Smoking

What a truly wonderful experience. I had a hypnotherapy session over Zoom to help with smoking. It felt so real even though it happened online. We connected energetically so well. I went quickly in to a very relaxed trance and felt totally absorbed with her voice and suggestions. At the end I felt very supported by her ability to reassure me to continue with my new mindful skill. I also received after care in the form of an audio with affirmations which I will use for 21 days. I would recommend Soulparadise. Thank you

Reiki Energy Healing for Stress and Hypnotherapy for food allergy testing 


Rizwan, London

Reiki Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy for Food Intolerance Testing

Due to my religious beliefs, I first was sceptical receiving reiki energy healing. But what I experienced during my first session was simply amazing and since then I keep going back for regular treatments. I am going through a lot of stress currently in my life and reiki helps me keep calm and take away my stress. I also have visions at times during the session so its quite intense. Stress has really affected my heart area and I feel the tension during each session. Bernadette manages to remove a lot of the blockages and imbalance in my heart chakra and I feel so much better afterwards like a new person. 

I absolutely loved the meditation part of the hypnotherapy session, when I was put in a deep relaxation mode.

I felt like I could let myself go completely after a very long time. I am suffering from indigestion mainly due to stress, although there are certain types of food that also trigger that problem. I wanted to check if I may also suffer from food allergy that could worsen my indigestion. I was totally amazed to experience how my subconscious was responding and giving clear answers, when Bernadette was talking to it by using hypnotherapeutic techniques. I found it a very powerful exercise and something that definitely works. It really helped me gain a full understanding of my eating habits and what type of food I should avoid for my overall well-being. 

Soul Plan Reading and Energy Healing


Martin, London (remote)

Soul Plan Reading

My soul plan reading with Bernadette was illuminating and inspirational. I felt a powerful energy rising up through me as she told me about my soul destiny, as though something was being activated within me. The reading itself was spot on with what I have experienced and what direction I am going in my life. It was a beautiful confirmation that I am on the right path. I am looking forward to more sessions with Bernadette as I feel she is a great healer and catalyst for inner change. 

Love Twinflame Tarot


Shackeema, London (remote)

Twinflame Love Reading

I love my reading with Bernadette. It always feels like the extra push of encouragement you need just when you need to hear it.

Relationship Counselling and Reiki Energy Healing


Ridhima, London

Reiki Energy Healing and Relationship Counselling

I had the opportunity to meet Bernadette during a really difficult point in my life. She has been very easy to talk to and she was extremely professional. Most importantly, her calm and reassure approach made her trustworthy. Her reiki therapy was an absolutely life changing experience for me. She has opened the world of chakra balancing, soul cleaning and personal healing for me and I have continued to meditate regularly. Bernadette has also helped me in my early stages of my healing process for which I am eternally grateful for. I will without doubt, always strongly recommend her to anyone.

Soul Plan Reading and Energy Clearing


Annie, Portugal (remote)

Soul Plan Reading

I was lucky enough to have a soul plan reading with Bernadette. It helped me to remember that the things that can sometimes seem like conflict in my life  are really just part of my chosen spiritual path and confirmed for me that I am living my life as I am meant to in this incarnation. Thank you Bernadette.

Hypnotherapy for Overthinking and Reiki Energy Healing for Chest Infection


Hannah, London

Hypnotherapy for Overthinking and to Give Up Anti-depressant
Reiki Energy Healing for Chest Infection

Hypnotherapy = I had the worst year ever, suffering from negative, obsessive thoughts of guilt and fear. My GP put me on antidepressants but they did not really help. I googled hypnotherapy locally and found Bernadette. A session with Bernadette helped me to recover, it was very powerful. I also try to meditate at home as she suggested. I have reduced the antidepressants by half. Bernadette is very good, and I can recommend her to anyone.

 Reiki = I am having reiki sessions for my asthma, and general well being. I have had a bad chest for some time and the first session improved my breathing straight away. Thank you Bernadette!

Past Life Regression


Sheila, Brighton (remote)

Hypnotherapy - Past Life Regression

I felt held and supported by Bernadette during the session. I felt she listened deeply and weaved my experience in beautifully, so enabling me to drop deeply into a past life that I had only, previously, been able to get a glimpse of on my own. I was able to see much more and gain great insight from the session. Love. 

Reiki Energy Healing for Depression/Childhood Trauma


Dawn, Chelmsford (remote)

Reiki Energy Healing for Childhood Trauma and Depression

I had 10 reiki healing sessions with her. I remember I was feeling so anxious and worried about communicating with her (I am deaf and rely on British Sign Language) at first session in her place, but over few minutes at hers, I felt so relaxed and comfortable quickly which is unusual for me. I had half of the sessions remotely due to lockdown situation, which i was not sure about but it went so well. We communicate with each other via WhatsApp where we always exchange our experiences, discussions and others. I could not thank her enough, because if it was not for her... I have no idea what/where I am right now. Because of her, I have been through big transformation and understand more why I am being like this, why I feel like this, and able to control it now and able to forgive the past and people who hurt me. She helped me to awakening more, and know what I want for my future and I know what my next step will be. So exciting time for me. It was amazing experience and I will cherish it forever. I would definitely recommend her and I will go back to her when I need her. Love.

Reiki Energy Healing post chemotherapy and Hypnotherapy for Childhood Trauma


Deborah, London (remote)

Reiki Energy Healing for Chemotherapy and Hypnotherapy for Childhood Trauma

I found SoulParadise online searching for reiki practitioners and i am so pleased to have been able to connect. soulParadise has amazing, positive energy and is helping me to cope and heal from a vigorous treatment of chemotherapy to treat a very challenging cancer. so far we have had numerous reiki sessions remotely where she connects telepathically with me to unblock and cleanse my chakras - i feel her presence throughout the sessions and she has successfully made a start on helping me to fight my illness. i actually had a near death experience 3 weeks ago which i am now miraculously healing from with the help of Soulparadise's powers. we are moving on to hypnotherapy next week alongside reiki to whitewash my emotional traumas to hopefully eliminate my cancer. i think its the belief we both share that illness can be triggered by stress and anxiety. we are completely transparent with each other and have made an ethernal connection which i have never felt before. This to me is priceless. I strongly recommend SoulParadise to help with your healing. It works. LOVE.

Reiki Energy Healing and Spiritual Counselling for Childhood Trauma


Kumar, Kent

Hypnotherapy for Childhood Trauma Release

I recently had a transformational session with Bernadette, as she helped me to go inward and tap into a trauma which I went through in my childhood. I not only found more calmness, I released old negative energy in regards to that. She made me feel comfortable about it the whole time! She also supplemented that with reiki therapy which was in itself very soothing. It was a great experience, very healing. I highly recommend her. 

Reiki Energy Healing and Spiritual Counselling for Childhood Trauma


Lima, Kent (remote)

Reiki Energy Healing for Physical Pain 

After struggling with my health for months and having no medical explanation to how i was feeling, i decided to contact Bernadette for a long distance reiki session. I felt a little hesitant at first as it being a distant session, not knowing how well it would work. But as it was full moon i decided that this will be my very first moon ritual.

I can honestly say it was the most powerful experience, i have had in reiki.

I could sense my inner struggles and I could communicate with Bernadette in 5D.

I knew exactly where she was sending healing light in each of my chakra.

The experience was mind blowing, the colours and heat around my solar plexus were intense, I could see vivid green and indigo colours transcend.

I felt heavy at first and then all of a sudden, I could sense my body levitating!

Extremely light it was. I felt so much peace and an instant release. It was absolutely incredible.

Soon as the session came to an end, Bernadette got in touch with me. She explained what she could see, and it was a small baby in the womb.

I was shocked to hear it, as she did not know any of my past, I did not tell her.

But yet again she was in total synchronisation she could see it through.

What I am about to tell you it was never mentioned to Bernadette:

About 6 years ago I had a past life regression, it was so terrifying that I decided to put it all behind me.

This experience is still lingering into my present life and without facing it I can potentially damage my health.

It relates to a past life experience where I die whilst giving birth.

My medical experience is also in connecting to my genital area. But none of this is visible in tests.

This session with her was crucial as I finally was able to understand my entire life experience from present to past. I was able to identify the cause of my inner struggles and what undoubtedly was getting hold of my health. Understanding life choices and struggles of my present life and letting go of my inner past emotions that I now know I need to set free. Bernadett is phenomenal and I recommend her to all of you out there, that are perhaps facing difficulties under such climate.

Reiki Energy Healing and Spiritual Counselling for Childhood Trauma


Tom,West London (Remote)

Reiki Energy Healing for Stress

Superb experience from start to finish - I have a busy and stressful job in the City, and suffer from stress induced anxiety. A friend recommended Soul Paradise, specifically the Reiki sessions to help me relax, quieten my mind and find some inner balance. Due to the hour I work I was unable to attend face-to-face and elected to have a DIstance Reiki Session. The experience was like nothing I had ever had before - 45 mins of utter relaxation and bliss. I can not recommend highly enough and will be starting a Soul Transfomation package very shorlty. Than you once again B - forever grateful :)

Reiki Energy Healing and Spiritual Counselling for Childhood Trauma


Melissa, Spain (Remote)

Reiki Energy Healing for Balance

I run my own spiritual 1:1 retreats, and after 6 days I can be left feeling very drained of my spiritual energy. I decided to have a Reiki session from Bernadette to re charge my batteries. I must say this was a beautiful experience. I felt tingles of energy from within, a sense of total relaxation, peace and love. Bernadette also shared some personal information which came through to her on the session which I'm very grateful for. This experience has left me feeling fully energised, and Bernadette is a beautiful soul who has so much to offer others in her sessions.

Reiki Energy Healing and Spiritual Counselling for Childhood Trauma


Georgy, Essex 

Twinflame Healing, Innerchild and Past Life Healing, Confidence Building

I suffer with PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction cycles, insomnia. I have always been very reluctant about therapy and I find it very difficult opening up and talking. However something connected me to Soul Paradise page and I’m so glad I took the courage to visit her when I did. We connected instantly. She made me feel very comfortable and I was surprised how quickly I trusted her and opened up. I have been visiting once a week for just over a month now and we have worked on different types of therapy focusing on childhood trauma, past life therapy, Self love healing and Reiki. I have been so surprised how much emotion has come up during our sessions I’ve had moments of being in floods of tears (but released in a good way) and the days I have walked in with nothing to say, something new arises, an I always end up with even more to talk about which we then work on.
By the end of the session I always come away feeling better, more balanced and empowered and find even days after, my energy continues shifting in a positive way. Soul Paradise has been kind to check up on me in-between sessions by text, has sent me some links for self meditation and guidance on how I can continue healing at home. I feel not only that Soul Paradise was meant to be part of my healing journey, I’ve also gained a friend. I will continue to use her services and highly recommend.

Reiki Energy Healing and Spiritual Counselling for Childhood Trauma


Unnie, Florida US.

Reiki Healing (remotely)

As a spiritual healer it is very important to keep my energy aligned. I live in Florida and received an amazing distant Reiki session with Bernadette. During the session from start to finish I felt at peace and relaxed. Bernadette also shared with me personal matters she seen as well. Afterwards I felt refreshed and energized. She is an amazing soul and gifted healer.

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