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Self Love is Key in Love - Romance - Twinflame Connections, and Breaking Generational Curses

" You deserve someone who can't wait to talk to you, spend time with you, get to know you and find love with you. Please stop settling for half hearted, lukewarm, hesitant and indecisive. It is so much better to be alone than to be with someone who makes you feel alone."

Hey Dear Soul,

Whether you are on your twinflame journey or in an ordinary romantic relationship, currently facing challenges perhaps not sure what step to take next, then continue reading as this article will definitely help you to see the bigger picture.

To create a truly balanced, happy and loving relationship with someone, first you need to create it within yourself. As I often say, "Life begins within."

To live in complete harmony and balance with another person in any circumstances - there always has to be equal give and take of love, respect, energy, loyalty, time, effort, passion, feelings and the list goes on. Although society would tell you otherwise.

But in reality, both parties need to be willing to make the same effort equally from the bottom of their heart and soul, although it can only truly work when the love and feelings are also present. Without mutual love, you can try and try and try, it will never work in your favour.

Whether you are in a short or long term relationship or marriage, and if you find yourself more often or almost continuously giving more to the relationship than the other, eventually they will start taking you for granted. The more you give, the more they take. Imbalance often happens due to unresolved trauma from earlier in life or could be past life unresolved karma if you are soulmates or twinflames as the soul connections go back to many lifetimes. Either way, it is important to recognise this within yourselves and openly communicate with each other in the relationship, then decide to work on healing the matter, before it gets too late. As unresolved traumas will only create more of the chaos both internally and in the relationship with your partner. I am sure you have experienced this at some point in your life.

Sometimes you try to save the relationship in so many ways, but at the end you just find yourself exhausted and keep repeating the same cycle over and over again. At this point, no matter how much love you have for them, if they are not able to reciprocate the same, as they choose not to do so for any reason; this is the moment when you must love yourself enough to walk away from that situation regardless all the energy, time, love invested. The moment you walk away, you are winning even if you think you are losing in the experience of deep pain. As staying in a relationship that drains you, does not appreciate you, may depress you at times, then you are better off by yourself. At this point, the only reason you will continue to stay is the simple fact that you feel like you do not deserve better or the fear of the unknown; which again leads you back to lack of self love.

Often people state "but self love is selfish." oh, how could it be? Spirituality teaches that love should come from within first so you can share it with others too. Beginning to make sense yet?

The sad truth is that the old generation including our parents actually taught us from very early in our childhood that we must suffer and stick out in relationships no matter how bad it is. They fed us with their own fear, insecurities and negative limiting beliefs raising us in their own illusions and restrictions. I do not want to blame our parents at all, because they gave us the best they could at that point so it is now our responsibility not to continue that same cycle but to completely break away from the so called generational curse and rise above all limitations.

The world has been shifting a lot over the recent years and it continues to do so. Yet, there are still so many couples out there living in households without mutual love, compassion, respect or loyalty but instead, feeding each other with so much of their inner fear and co - dependency, constantly ensuring themselves and often manipulate their partner with guilt into staying whilst living in denial of their own true identity. This is actually very detrimental for the body, mind and soul. Living in an unhappy relationship creates many emotional blocks on the energetic level of the body, which later can often manifest into physical illness if not being dealt with, on time. Is it all worth losing your health and life by sticking to something or someone that does not make you happy anyway?

In many cases, there may be children involved, and often the partners thinking that their children will benefit from staying together under one roof. Forcing your children to live in your own fears and illusions, you are definitely not helping them progress in life. Oh, nooo!

Being a spiritual healer and spiritual counsellor having seen it all and as a child, experiencing the same coming from a broken family. I can wholeheartedly confirm that no children will benefit from living in such an unhealthy environment where is no mutual love and respect between the parents. You can pretend for as long as you wish, but the longer you stay in such an unhappy relationship the more damage you create firstly for yourself and secondly for your children.

Remember, your children are not just physical bodies but they are spiritual beings like the rest of the world which means they subconsciously, like a sponge, absorb all energies, seen and unseen signs, body language, words, actions from their parents every single moment. Basically keeping your children stuck in an unhappy home environment, you are simply teaching your children not to love themselves: this significantly effects their self esteem, confidence, their mindset and their entire self image in the long run.

You are also teaching them that "it is ok not to be happy, it is ok not to be in love, it is ok to accept less than what they deserve or wish for themselves". This is a very selfish and fearful act.

When you do not choose yourself, your children are also learning not to choose themselves.

When you do not love yourself, your children are also learning not to love themselves.

When you live in fear, you are also teaching your children to live in fear and deny love. Love is the only truly one vital energy force in the entire universe and you are taking that away from your children. What are you actually teaching and giving them as a "loving" parent, then?

The law of universe and karma work very simply when you take a deep look to understand.

"Monkey see Monkey do" - as your children copy you, they will most likely experience the same ups and downs in their romantic relationships later in life, because this is what they learnt simply from their parents and will manifest the same energy that they absorbed on the soul level. Nothing will shift by itself unless you do, and as a parent you should feel the responsibility to give the best support to your children for their mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Life should not be about stagnation or repeating cycles only but about continuous personal growth.

Since we are the generation of the Aquarius New Age, I am delighted to see that many of us as part of humanity waking up every single day to our true identity as divine feminine and masculine collectively and stepping into the power within, letting go of what no longer serves us in relationships and general, releasing the old patterns making space for the new to enter.

Exciting times ahead !

As predicted and what I also can see into the spiritual realm, many awakened spiritual new born will be arriving into the Earth in the coming years to make a huge difference in helping rise the vibration of the Earth collectively. Therefore, they are not allowing us any more to stay in low vibrational relationships that do not serve our highest good.

This yet, un born new generation is preparing us young adults and future parents for the coming years, whilst working on ourselves, tapping into the frequency of self deep true love, also breaking the so called generational curses that we have been passed on through our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on. Breaking those ancestral patterns is a lot of hard work, but worth the pain and struggle as it comes with huge blessings in life. This will literally shift your entire reality for the rest of your life. That is guaranteed.

If you are a chosen one then take it as the biggest blessing in your life regardless the difficulties you may be facing in your life right now. You are truly loved by God. I have no doubt that you are fully resonating with everything you are reading right now and this is just another confirmation from your guides as you landed on my page. Your spirit (future) baby does not want to face the same challenges and same unhealthy family dynamics that you had to go through as a child. Your spirit baby has a different mission and new challenges to compete with in this life, and for you as a parent you need to become the certain type of evolved divine feminine and masculine that your spirit baby has chosen and signed up for, and when is ready to come down and take part in their worldly mission.

If you are not yet married but are in a relationship where the energy exchange is out of balance, then I would like to motivate you to now take the time to decide with your partner to work together on the challenges with mutual effort and love being present. Although, if you feel it was never the right person and of course, love can never be forced, then I encourage you to "Jump!"

As I say; "My dear friend, Do yourself a favour, No more denial, Step into your power!" This new Aquarius age and new decade is all about growth, growth and growth.

Learn to take your power back and start investing into yourself and often it is the best way to enhance your relationship with others too; as you shift your focus on the world shifting in your favour. If it is not your twinflame or soulmate, then someone else will come along, who literally matches your vibration. Because it is all about your energy and what you are; not what you want.

Therefore, the key always is to continuously work on your self healing and the rest will naturally fall into place with divine guidance and protection.

I would like to motivate you today to always follow your intuition and as long as you follow what is best for your higher self. It will always reward you in the most beautiful and unexpected ways.

If you are on your twinflame journey and if it often was an unequal exchange of energies over the months or years, it is now time that you make the change and no longer waiting for miracle.

The miracle starts within you, it starts with your own healing and as you take your power back. You are only blocking your own blessing and better things to come your way by staying in a relationship where you do not receive the same love you give to your partner.

Remember, your life journey is all about learning to love yourself dearly and stand in your own power in any situation. If you do not, you will always be giving your own precious power away.

Love yourself enough not to put up with someone who does not love themselves, because they cannot love you either. Self love is key to a successful relationship with another.

Need help letting go of an unhealthy attachment, cut cord with a connection or a relationship that no longer serves you?

Do you feel like holding on to your partner due to inner fear, fear of loss, co - dependency, perhaps fear of not knowing what's next?

If you need professional guidance to set yourself free, feel free to get in touch I will be delighted to walk you through the dark path, and show you the light at the end of the tunnel. I have been there so if I could do it, you can do it too. I am not that kind of spiritual counsellor who tell you what you want to hear. No, I do not do people pleasing, because it is very unhealthy but I tell you what is truly there within, what needs healing and shifting and what is the potential you can manifest into your life.

Through my powerful sessions using spiritual counselling, hypnotherapy and soul transformation therapy methods, I will also help you with inner child healing and help you to connect with your inner strength and inner love so you can step up in your own truth and take the right action in life so you can finally start living in love, light and truth and your true divine power. Thank you for reading this article. I hope I encouraged you and inspired you..

I am looking forward to connecting with you in divine

Love and Blessings, Soul Paradise x

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