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October 2021 Astrology Events and Updates - How will this effect you?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Hey Dear Soul,

This is just a very short summary of what is taking place astrologically this month of October and how it is effecting the collective consciousness. At the same time, we need to bear in mind that we all have our own individual soul path and mission in life, therefore we all are being effected by planetary movements differently in some ways. However, I hope the below will help you give a better understanding of your current situation that you may be facing or perhaps why you are feeling the way you are these days.

As predicted by astrologers, October is going to be a very transformational month for the

human collective. As a spiritual healer I daily connect with the collective energies so I can quite clearly see and feel what is taking place. I have created a video on my youtube channel which I would encourage you to watch for you to see what you need to watch out for and how you can empower yourself during these changes. In my video I am passing on a very important message to the human collective. Watch it by clicking on the link here.

Let us talk about October Astrology Events highlighting a few very significant dates here.

06/10 Libra New Moon is truly the beginning of something new. New cycle, new chapter begins.

Libra is about balance and harmony, and since it is ruled by the planet Venus you will see lots of changes in love and romance. Libra is pushing you to go deep within your soul in order to seek and create balance by healing and cleaning up the mess within and in your relationships too.

There were 6 planets in Retrograde in the recent months which really gave everyone the time and opportunity for deep soul healing and deep reflection of themselves. 4 of these planets are literally going direct this month. WoooW! Can you see the big shift that is coming your way now?

Remember whatever is happening to you right now even if it appears negative, just know that it is all happening for your highest good and for all. Clearing all out what no longer serves you and it is making space for the new, better, more positive events and people to enter your life.

06/10 Pluto goes direct from its retrograde phase since 27/04, same time with the Libra New Moon. Have you been feeling the very intense energies? If so, then you are not alone.

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth usually associated with Scorpio zodiac sign. Pluto Retrograde was giving you the green light for personal growth on the soul level. To break away from unhealthy thought patterns, negative limiting beliefs and behaviours in the subconscious mind. Massive collective rebirth happens during Pluto Retrograde although as Pluto is now direct, it is showing you how much you have grown spiritually. Watch your reality start shifting this week as you have shifted within. Time to reborn!

10/10 Energy Portal; 10 is about completing cycles. Great day to do spiritual healing and activation on energetic level.

11/10 Saturn goes direct since 23/05 (11/10 #111 = new beginnings)

Saturn is the planet of karma and when it is in Retrograde, it is the phase of karmic rebalancing. Therefore, it is often associated with delays, obstructions, misery, debts, chronic health issues, relationship issues, anything that you are working off karmically from the present or past life.

If you would like to work on past life karmic rebalance, reach out to me for a past life regression therapy session (online) that will totally blow your mind.

Finally, it is now direct after 5 months being in backward movement. Yupeee! Breathe...

17/10 Jupiter goes direct since 20/06. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and personal growth.

As it goes direct, you suddenly start regaining more of your confidence and receive a good dose of self esteem boost. Time to enjoy your new evolved version!

18/10 Mercury goes direct since 27/09. Mercury is the planet of communication. Mercury Retrograde happens three times each year, that phase of 3-4 weeks where you may face travel delays, accidents or lot of miscommunication with friends, colleagues or partners, family members. This time also encourages you to go inward and seek for a deeper understanding within. Count to 10 and take a deep breathe before you respond to others in a possibly heated situation.

20/10 Full Moon in Aries. Now this is going to get intense for the collective with huge tower moments emotionally and in other ways too, depends on the situation you are currently dealing with. If you are not aligned with your true path, holding on to supressed emotions or unhealthy relationships, this could be very eruptive for you as this full moon will intensify those aspects. In the positive, Aries brings out your bravery and encouraging you to step into your power and take action towards your dreams. Since it is also a fire sign, it is ideal to prepare yourself in case you find yourself in a middle of an argument, not to react but learn to respond (calmly) instead.

October will definitely push you to start walking on your true divine path if you have not already started yet. Remember the closer you reach, the more (energetic) attacks you will experience through people who may try and hold you back from your divinity and mission. Some are aware consciously and others are not necessarily, but either way you must protect your energy at all times. Therefore, it is also important that you become aware of every single thought you have and always stay tuned with your intuition, ensuring that your thoughts are a true reflection and not a false projection of others around you. Become aware of those friends and family members in your environment who may try and manipulate you or convince you of their own false perceptions as more often they have their own agenda consciously or subconsciously. I observe this often. Although, if you have been doing your healing over the past months, this is going to be the real test and show you how much you have truly grown. This time will show you, how much stronger and more powerful you have become in the process and now you are so much more ready to stand up for yourself, speak your own truth, stay faithful to your own true identity.

Keeping your energy clear during these big shifts is very crucial. Feel free to check out my energy healing services and client testimonials. Book your appointment for Reiki Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing or Soul Transformation Therapy wherever you are in the world, to stay aligned with your true self.

Love and Blessings, Soul Paradise x

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