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How to Live in Your True Alignment Every Single Day?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Are you ready to create your own sunshine and learn how to live in your true alignment every single day? If so, then continue reading as I am about to share with you some great tips that I have been learning on my own spiritual journey. Let's dive deeper!

If you are still waiting for someone to create your happiness or put you on your divine path then you need to STOP NOW and take full focus back on to yourself. Do this right now!

I have been doing my self (soul) healing for quite a few years and I always find myself going deeper in the wounds over time often revisiting past life events to resolve unjustified karma or else. As the planets were going back direct from their retrograde season earlier this month (October 2021) I went through a big shift again. As for this time I was guided to my great friend who is a spiritual healer similar to myself, although she specialises in Akashic Records Reading. So I requested to have my readings done. And OMGGG! This is just such an important part of your healing journey if you want to escalate to the next level in your ascension and become DEEPLY conscious of who you truly are. Your Akashic Records are literally a reflection of your Original Soul Blueprint (when your Soul was created originally many lifetimes ago) it shows you what negative karmas you created with certain souls in past lives that are still effecting your life today. It was a very important healing practice that allowed me to recognise some of my deepest wounds and carry out certain healing techniques thereafter, to disconnect from those dis -functional karmic energetic cycles and patterns. Your Akashic Records also advise you what you have to do and become in order to create and live in alignment with your true self every single day.

I am currently doing my 21 day soul clearing from past life negative karmas as part of my Akashic Record Reading. I am already experiencing significant shifts in my attitude, thought patterns and actions daily. If you would like to request your own Akashic Record Readings, get in touch with me or via this website.

Mind-blowing experience but you must be ready to fully accept what is being presented to you.

After this experience, I learnt an even deeper meaning of the importance of being, speaking and acting in alignment with my true self every single moment.

I am now entering into a completely new chapter in my life where I promised myself that I will do every single day as much as I can to do and be in alignment with my soul, my highest good. How can that be done?

Being in alignment with your true self means being fully authentic as you speak, be, do and act. From now on, I will choose to speak with complete honesty and authenticity (without allowing any fear to be present), I choose to only engage with people, situations, activities and make decisions that truly feel good to my soul and my higher self and follow my intuition each step of the way. This is so important in order to also create inner/outer balance and manifest abundance in all aspects of life. As the more authentic you become, the more abundance you attract.

Now I also know that my ego will often try and get in the way and try misleading me from my true alignment as that is what your ego does to you. Your ego is your only limit, so you must learn to overcome. So every time your ego is about to get in your way (and you will instantly know and feel this), this is the moment you have to stop, take a deep breathe and just do what feels right for you. Depending on your situation or in the middle of making a major decision, sometimes you may need to take a longer time to reconsider, contemplate, rethink whatever you need to do or say to be in alignment with your true self.

Take a moment and do not rush even if you feel the rush! This is your moment to prove yourself how much you have grown and how powerful you truly are.

Why is it important to speak, do and act in alignment with your higher self every single day?

Here is the simple answer. I am sure you have been there many times, when you had a choice to make and instead of listening to your intuition you went along with your egoistic decision that did not necessarily feel good or right but you did it anyway due to inner pressure, fear, expectations from others or any other reason. As for the consequence, something went almost immediately wrong in the process or as a result, you may experienced regret, disappointment or else as time went by. After all, you said to yourself '' I wish I had listened to my intuition'' or "I wish I could turn back time and do things differently".

Sounds familiar? Every time we do not listen to our intuition, our inner knowing but rather take action from the ego based thoughts and limiting beliefs, which often could be out of true alignment - then we make the wrong choice which creates negative consequences. Every negative choice equals a negative karma in the soul level which you will have to work through, to reverse the act. And, how do you do that?

Forget the 3D reality for a moment, it is all about your soul desire and soul alignment. Hence so much suffering in people' life because they are resisting their souls calling. Ooops, do not be one of them. You will have to bear the consequences later as there is no getaway from that ever. Now this may sound a bit threatening but if you study the Law of Karma, this is how it works.

To start living in your true alignment means you first need to bring your mind and soul in alignment. When your ego (conscious mind) and higher self (subconscious mind) are on the same page that is when miracles start happening in your life. Makes sense? It requires constant work both on your mind and spirit. If you are someone who struggles with limiting beliefs that are often misleading you, taking you off track, the best work I can recommend for you is hypnotherapy to re-program your mind and remove those negative limitations.

Here is my link on how I can help you achieve that.

Another great advice I would like to share with you I learnt through my own journey. There are times, when we perhaps going through deep healing and it may take some months or even years, it is important in the meantime to have fun and not to stay stagnant in your life.

Stagnation is the worst you can do to yourself as it is blocking your creativity, abundance, happiness and new opportunities in your life, let it be romantic relationships, career progression or else. Always make sure that you keep moving forward with strength and faith regardless your current circumstances. Never stagnate in your matter what you are going through, no matter how people are trying to hold you back. You must stay true to yourself and remain in your power. The power is within you and not outside you. You probably think, it is so easy to say... I am writing my blogs purely from the bottom of my heart to share with you my wisdom and experience that I have gained through my own struggles and painful challenges. Everything I share, I have been there or maybe currently going through that at this moment. but simply I want to inspire you and encourage you yet, every single day no matter how hard it is to stay in your power. You gotta choose yourself every single day, not only sometimes.

Whilst I am giving you tips on how to progress in life. I am also encouraging myself in the process. No, I am not perfect and yes, I am still healing and learning every day, although the willingness needs to be present in order for us to grow and evolve. The change starts within.

The path to becoming fully aligned with your true-self is definitely the most challenging ever in humanity because we have deeply been programmed through many lifetimes by society standards and expectations; religious and cultural beliefs; so it is definitely a process to unlearn those mental and emotional limitations and instead, learn to listen to your intuition and your heart. Society will always mislead you consciously or unconsciously. It is your job not to fall for it.

One exercise that I recommend to do daily to enhance your intuition is meditation. You may check out and subscribe to my Youtube channel for guided meditations to practise daily.

As you start raising your vibration and gradually shifting into living in your true alignment more and more, you may often find yourself cutting ties with old friends, family members, leaving certain friendships or even romantic relationships behind. You may not even have to say a word, but people will leave your life naturally shifting out your vibration as you no longer match their frequency. And that is OK. You only serve a purpose for a limited time with each individual in your life. Remember, the physical life itself is temporary, only the soul lives forever.

At the end, you probably will be left with a few people who truly matters in your life and that is OK? Well, it should be all about quality and not quantity. You actually will begin to notice, the more aligned you become with oneself, the more time you want to spend alone, as you find the greatest company within yourself; you also become very selective of your own thoughts, actions, people, everything and everyone you choose to engage with. Protecting your energy and your own inner peace become the most important to you now.

In the process of becoming truly aligned with yourself, you will also learn to detach and let go what no longer serves your highest good. Just allow the change to take place and if you experience any pain in the process of letting go, just know that you will eventually turn that pain into power as that is the whole purpose of this game of letting go and detaching. Acceptance is key in the process of letting go. Accepting the fact that this person or relationship no longer makes you happy so you let go and move on, to make space for better things to come your way. But remember, first you need to close out the old chapter before the new can enter into your life.

Exchange of energies have to be equal in order to maintain any sort of healthy connection with others, being also true to yourself and I know that this is not easy to do, it requires the same investment of effort and energy from both sides. Now if you look at the list of your friends and acquaintances or even certain family members, you will find often that there is not an equal exchange of energies, and it may be based on benefits, expectations, limitations. That is not truly being aligned to that connection. Often one is giving the power away to the other.

Sooner or later, this will lead to some sort of debates, resentment or else due to those expectations towards each other. Sometimes, it is best to walk away but nicely wishing them the very best. Either way, communication and honesty is very crucial to maintain any kind of relationship or friendship. Standing up for yourself and speaking your truth is a must but, coming from an authentic balanced state again reflecting of your true alignment.

If you need any guidance in terms of finding inner balance, finding your way to your true self, relationship counselling, inner child healing, trauma healing, past life healing please visit my website and services. Feel free to book your Free 15 mins initial consultation with me, in order to see how I can help you heal.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I trust it has given you at least one great tip which helps on your personal development spiritual journey.

Love and Blessings, Soul Paradise x

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