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Astrology Events & Updates for January 2022

This year has started with a Big Bang of powerful, new and magical energies ! Have you felt it?

I personally feel like that we have left a lot of the old patterns, emotions, cycles behind in 2021 and we are now looking forward to a very bright and magical year with new beginnings ahead, full of great opportunities in romance, career and life in general. Although I must mention that the road will only be beautiful if we follow our inner divine guidance so that is something to bear in mind. Now let us see what is happening with the planets this month January 2022.

January 01 - Mercury enters the forward thinking, innovative Aquarius

January 02 - New Moon in Capricorn; time to get serious as we are focusing on our long term goals, plans and dreams both in our personal, professional and romantic lives.

January 10 - Sun in Capricorn and Neptune in dreamy and intuitive Pisces

10 in numerology means completion; completing or ending something that no longer serves our highest good. It definitely indicates new beginnings and it is also a great day for manifestation, so make sure you set your intentions for anything that you truly desire not from the ego, but from the heart and soul.

January 14 - Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius, which will be a tricky few weeks often leading to confusion or miscommunication, travel delays. Best not to start anything new, not to sign any contract for new job or new home and not a great timing to jump into a new relationship either.

January 17 - Full Moon in the super sensitive and emotional Cancer, this will help the collective letting go of old patterns and behaviours and especially letting go of old relationships, home situations that no longer serve our higher self.

January 18 - Uranus goes finally direct in Taurus, creating some unexpected turns of events so get ready for the shift in your situations that have not been serving you well.

January 19 - The Sun enters in Aquarius, the collective energy will become more free flowing, inventive, innovative, forward thinking. You may suddenly step more into the energy of being out going, will be arranging to meet friends and enjoy life at its best for the next 4 weeks.

January 24 - Fiery Mars enters Capricorn for 6 weeks. Starting big projects is the perfect time with determination, courage and confidence.

January 25 - Mercury retrograde enters Capricorn

January 29 - Venus goes direct in Capricorn; harmony may return in relationships.

January 31 - New Moon Aquarius; this new moon is bringing us a deeper awareness with new beginnings. This being the second new moon within the month of January indicates plenty of new beginnings with lot of exciting energies.

January is the greatest time to start your spiritual healing to grow, evolve and ascend to the next level in consciousness and to get yourself into the best version of yourself early in the new year so you can create, manifest a much better, more abundant year in the magical 2022.

If you need any professional guidance with your spiritual healing; as for childhood trauma healing, innerchild healing, past life trauma healing, twinflame healing, emotional freedom, manifestation or else, feel free to contact me I am here to help you, to guide you and support you on your journey.

Feel free to check out my services that are available both in person and remotely I can help you regardless your location. My healing sessions work perfectly online. I would be delighted to help you heal and grow into the best version of yourself.

Love and Blessings,

Your healer, Soul Paradise

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