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Akashic Records Reading

Soul Realignment

  • 2 hours
  • 99 British pounds
  • Freshwater Road

Service Description

THE AKASHIC RECORDS UNCOVER WHO YOU ARE AT SOUL LEVEL and UNLOCK YOUR POWER "With soul-level healing, akashic record and soul realignment reading." A three-week supported program. A transformational " SOUL LEVEL HEALING" modality aimed to release energetic programs and karmic patterns from past and present life. This reading and clearing program will change your outlook on life. I will share intuitive evidence-based information to help you evolve to the next level. I will reveal who you are at soul level and how by re-aligning with your divine self-expression, you can create harmonious circumstances and a life you desire. I will offer guidance, structure, and support to help you ground your learning into your physical life. What about gaining a deeper understanding of why? A profoundly healing experience that aims to increase consciousness, responsibility, and power. This evidence-based reading and program will instantly increase your awareness and knowledge - yes! that light bulb moment! You will learn how free will and order affect the power of choice and consequence. You will energetically clear issues that no longer serve you, releasing all resistance and subconscious programming - that run unknowingly in the background. Every soul has an akashic record – so what are they? The " AKASHICH RECORDS " are an energetic database, a spiritual library of information about your soul blueprint. Every thought form, choice, action, block, and probable path (circumstances). Offering comprehensive information of source consciousness from our physical aspect through all higher dimensions. As there is no time element in the akashic records, I can identify your soul blueprint at the time of origination and compare it to this present time. All of which gives an overview of your soul’s creation, unique gifts, and true nature. Carried out in a highly focused way. You will gain great insight into what precisely constitutes clear choices for you. Therefore, aligning to your divine self-expression, to receive an abundance of universal life force energy. Finally, the " SOUL REALIGNMENT " is the system to gather information, focusing on relevant details with healing value—the guide for your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual development, healing, and growth. Soul realignment looks at the blocks and restrictions that govern universal life force energy flow. The aim is to re-align to your highest potential. The session is followed by 21 day healing period.

Cancellation Policy

Please note there is no cancellation available. To reschedule your existing appointment, please contact me at least 22 hours prior to the original appointment.

Contact Details

  • Freshwater Road, Dagenham, UK


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